The Balanced Orthodontic

It is a dental treatment carried out with the aim of harmony of function and form of the living body.

Rather than simply a single tooth heal, teeth, jaw movement, face, head, be further adjust the balance of the whole body is the goal of balance correction.

Teeth, located in the dentition
→ dentition is located on the occlusal of the upper and lower
bone of → the upper and lower jaw
is in the impact of → to good body

Normal orthodontic treatment, by applying a variety of therapeutic techniques of dental treatment, that adjust the balance of the individual is the balance correction of forest dental office.

Position of the lower jaw, and there on top of the good balance of the left and right before and after, those to function properly.
Health is made up of the proper mandibular position.
Is functional, let’s create an aesthetic balance bite.

If, when there is something disharmony in your row of teeth and jaw movement,
we might serve you. Please please feel free to contact us.